How much money do Parents Spend on Toilet Training for Autism Child?

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  1. Your wouldn't believe it if I were to tell you! Parents across North America spend a lot of money toilet training for autism child. Lets break it out:

    $$ Spent on Nappies:
    • A typical American Household with one autism child spends ~ $47 per month just on nappies and nappy pants
    • Thats a staggering $47 * 12 = $564 a year
    $$ Spent on Toilet Training Autism Child:
    • On an average, children with Autism takes at least 4 years to get fully potty trained
    • Thats $564 * 4 = $2,256
    • Plus, at least $200 in trying out different options to toilet train their children. This may be split across multiple products like:
      • Different toilet seats to try out what works
      • Online Products like eBooks and other similar tools
      • Additional potty training kits like PECs, Visuals, Apps, etc
    Thats a LOT of money guys! :(:(:(

    But we have a solution, our unique 7 Day TOILET TRAINING FOR AUTISM course is designed to potty train any child with Autism, ADHD or Asperger's in less than 7 Days, Guaranteed!! And thats only $12.95

    Think about how much you would be saving guys, below is just a chart that tries to explain the cost savings that come with toilet training a child with Autism:


    BUT HERE IS THE CHALLENGE: If we take a day longer, we will refund you the full money - No Questions Asked! So the risk is all ours ;) Here is what some professionals have to say:

    Just go ahead and give our AUTISM POTTY TRAINING course a try!
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