My 14 Year Old Step Daughter Whispers Constantly

Discussion in 'Share Your Autism Experience' started by mamadweeb, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. hi!

    I married an amazing man 2 years ago. He has a 14 year old step daughter with Autism. I'm not entirely familiar with Autism, but I've been researching like crazy and trying so hard to understand all about her. She's a wonderful girl and I love her so much. Her own mother abandoned her, so it's just her daddy and me in her life.

    One thing she does that confuses me: she will sit in the car and whisper constantly. Her dad said he taught her to whisper because she used to do it full volume. She will constantly recite things - in the car and walking around the house. What is this? I just want to understand it. I can never quite understand what she is's always a whisper.

    Thank you!