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  2. Do my very mild symptoms of autism mean that I have an autistic disorder?

    Is it possible to have the autistic symptoms without having autism?

    How can I improve on the areas where I exhibit strong autistic symptoms to become more normal?

    Are my strong autistic symptoms due to brain differences?

    Is it possible I'm primarily learning disabled with dyslexia and have a very mild co morbid autistic disorder?
  3. Hi @ezzie98,

    Autism is a complex neuro-behavioral disorder and the symptoms can vary widely from very mild or borderline autism to severe or classical autism. Based on your symptom traits, you can fall anywhere within this range below:

    The questions you have asked are quite broad in nature, but let me try to answer them the best I can. But before that I suggest you read the following post:

    Not necessarily. To be honest, I hardly meet too many people in my professional life who do not show a single autism symptom. We are all human beings and each of us behave differently. What really matters is how many of the symptoms you display and at what severity levels.

    Absolutely! Agains goes back to how many autistic symptoms you display and at what severity levels.

    Certain autism symptoms are ingrained in your system. You may have been displaying some of those since you were a child. Without appropriate treatment and therapy, it may be difficult to reverse those. Other's on the other hand may not have a significant impact on you leading a normal life.

    NOTE: I assume that you may have already taken the Autism Online Test on our website. It would make great sense if you check out the Test Trends and Charts on how thousands of other adults like yourself has responded to the same questions that you were asked. This would tell you how severe or common your symptoms are (in comparison to others). It usually costs $3.99 for personal use but you can use this coupon code OFF30 to get a further 30% off. It would be well worth the change you spare :)

    No, though some researchers may disagree, fact if the linkage of brain deficiencies to Autism is widely discussed in scientific community but not much has been proved yet. Read: Is Autism a Psychological Disorder?

    Yes, it is possible but not necessarily.
  4. Thanks,

    My quiz result was 554, so I fell into the blue range. Im not certain what all of this means but I was in the learning assistance program at school for special needs. I think I was diagnosed with a learning disability but I just don't know what.

    As a young child I needed both physio and speech therapy for my coordination and pronunciation of words. I have difficulty with learning but I'm not sure what the exact reason is. Its just been more hard for me with reading, spelling and my study in general. Sometimes was alone in school.

    What does a score of 554 mean in terms of autism?

    Given the quiz result and what I've mentioned, if I did have autism would it only be mild?
  5. You are right @ezzie98,

    I have just checked your scores and the main reason why you are in the Less than 20% probability of Autism seems most likely due to the manifestation of some learning difficulties you have had in the past. Remember, the symptoms of Autism overlap with those of learning difficulties. While most with Autism, is almost likely to have some form of learning disability, the reverse may not be true. Your social, cognitive and communication skills seem to be in the right zone, no major autism traits there.

    Still, for your peace of mind, you should go for a professional assessment if you want.

    Read: [TOPIC] - What is Included in Autism Assessment
  6. Did you mean that someone with learning disability doesn't usually have some form of autism if they have some autistic traits too?

    Did you tell this from my scores? Since I am an adult is it possible that my social and communication skills would have improved.

    I still have difficulties with learning currently wrt studying and especially wrt exams. I can remember things I study but it just takes a lot more time and effort for me to do this and I usually need help. Despite all the effort my grades are still lower.

    Is it that I have a learning disability but not any autism?
  7. I also took the adult aspergers quiz and scored 887. Is there a chance that I have aspergers or am autistic?

    I noticed I am quite close to the threshold for high functioning aspergers as that was 891 so I'm only 4 points away from it. I think my traits may have been more as a kid but I'm not completely certain.

    I've noticed that there are times with my speech where its difficult. It's harder for me to pronounce my words and people don't always hear me properly. This can make communication a little difficult as I am asked to repeat myself.
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    Hi My name is Braxton I am 32 years old and I took the test and scored really high my score was 1695 I have attached the test dose this mean I have Autism ? and if so how would I go about getting a diagnosis
    I live in Wisconsin. I have suspected that I might be autistic for quite a while, taking the test and seeing the score really makes me think that I have Autism.

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