[TOPIC] What Causes Autism during Pregnancy?

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  1. I just found out I’m pregnant and I’ve heard that people can get Autism during pregnancy. Is this true? I’m scared that my child could end up with it and I want to be able to prevent it.

    A couple of my friends have children who have Autism and although I love them dearly I know they go through so many struggles as parents with their children, and I don’t want to go through that all. They both are really sweet kids but they also have a lot of behavioral challenges.

    One of my friend’s kids isn’t speaking anything yet and she is already three. She only makes sounds. What can I do to prevent my child from getting Autism while I’m pregnant? Is there a way to avoid it? If there is something I can do I want to know what it is so I can do my best to keep it from happening.

    I know Autism can also be caused by genetics so maybe there is not a lot I can do if that is the case. Please help me understand if there is anything I can do to help my child to not get Autism. I want to do whatever I can.
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    There are studies that link changes found in children with Autism as early as the second trimester in pregnancy, however there is not a cause that is directly linked. From all the research, it is becoming more and more apparent that Autism is caused by many different factors that play together and not just one.


    Some cases may have 1-2 causes while others may have several causes. There are genetic causes and environmental causes or it could be a combination of the two interacting with one another. At this point it is difficult to know.

    It is not possible to change genetics obviously so if genetics are involved there is not much you can do. You can, however, make some lifestyle changes. This can limit your exposure to specific environmental factors that seem to be linked to a risk for ASD.

    By doing this though, it will not guarantee that your child won’t get Autism. There is not enough research to say that this will really help your child to have any lesser risk of ASD. But, you can be proactive in helping your pregnancy to be as safe as possible.

    You can hopefully protect your baby from extra risk for Autism, and also from other things you don’t want for him or her. You can reduce your exposure to air pollution, especially during the third trimester; avoiding toxic chemicals, including pollution related to traffic. Read the post of Toxic body burden for Autism.

    You can also avoid other chemicals like ones found in some canned foods, water bottles made of plastic or aluminum, and any fragrances. And, you can make sure any medications you take are safe for your baby and that you discuss the benefits and risks in-depth with your doctor.

    There are also other measures you can take in the way you live. Make sure your pregnancies are spaced out to between 2 and 5 years apart which has shown to be the lowest risk for developing Autism. Also, that you have children at a young enough age. Increase your folic acid intake to the recommended amount of between 400 to 800 mcg daily.

    Take care of your health - do whatever it takes to remain as healthy as possible during pregnancy and keep a healthy diet to try to avoid gestational diabetes. Lastly, don’t be too harsh on yourself as much of this is out of your control.

    It is important to do the best that you can and not stress beyond that. There are no environmental factors that have been directly linked to cause Autism.
  3. Can we discover autism in pregnancy stage itself?
  4. Autism is an Engineer's Disease not a pregnancy disease. If you are with someone who is good at science involving systems and you are also you are at risk.
  5. According to researchers who performed a study through the University of California San Diego, there is now “clear and direct evidence that autism begins during pregnancy”. Prenatal exposure to environmental pollution especially in the third trimester is a huge risk factor for offspring Autism. Certain drugs that are prescribed during the pregnancy can also harm the baby as they have direct links to Autism.
    Just refer the link to know more: 15 Reasons Autism Begins In Pregnancy

    All that mothers have to do is to have a proper diet and eat good and healthy food. Reduce getting exposed to the crowded area. Exercises like swimming, walking, prenatal yoga, indoor stationary cycling can be performed regularly as per the guidance of the doctor.