[POLLS] Which form of Autism Would you Most Care About?

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What form of Autism do you care about?

  1. General Autism Spectrum

  2. Asperger's Syndrome

  3. Rett's Syndrome

  4. Tourette's Syndrome

  5. Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (CDD)

  6. PDD NOS

  7. ADHD

  8. Oppositional Defiance Disorder

  9. None

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  1. We all know that Autism is a Spectrum Disorder. Statistically speaking, it is highly unlikely that any 2 individuals with Autism would be exactly the same.
  2. i care about all forms of autism as i am an autism activist and want to help anyone experiencing some form of autism.
    i have more understanding of my own form of autism though [childhood/classical] so its easier for me to relate to other people with hte same condition, but i speak to aspies online,on a daily basis and in different ways relate to them to.
  3. I have more understanding of ASD/Fasd as my son has a diagnosis of both but any kind is important. Happy Autism Awareness Month!
  4. one of my friends has both ASD and FASD,i go to ACOA meetings with him [adult child of alcoholics],they called him learning disabled [if your in the US thats the UK term for intellectual disability] his whole life but he doesnt have that,he has been to university doing a degree on game design but his mental health crashed him out of it.
  5. ya my son is very smart and I hope he makes it to college but he has a hard time with motivation and staying on tasks.
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  6. hi zzzsmokeyzzz, i think its about finding your niche,leo kanner;the guy who first compiled and diagnosed classic/kanner autism said the key to success for an autistic is to focus on something they really like,the first boy diagnosed with autism loved counting the corn rows in his field, he went on to become a bank teller.
    i honestly recommend a book called 'neurotribes' as you may find it very interesting and helpful,i love what ive read of it so far-its all about the history of autism and how neuro diversity comes into play.
    i am the same with motivation and staying on tasks,my niche is to work with animals,so i am trying to get voluntary work with animals,i still struggle but its much easier as i know they need someone to look after them and its up to me to do that.

    mike;my friend is just like your lad,so smart but he thinks he is stupid,he wants a girlfriend and he would be a perfect gentleman but he doesnt think he is good enough.
    i dont think it helped that he got into smoking weed when he was at university as with FASD you are prone to having an addictive personality and he got very involved with the drug,he first used it to self medicate his autism symptoms which is what you need to watch with your lad,it caused psychosis in mike,i used to smoke it when a support staff brought it in to me,and it made me interactive, communicative and a happy mood and i craved it so i can see how you can get dependant,i now smoke CBD which is legal and is one of the main components of cannabis [like you have THC and CBD],it doesnt have a high but it takes away nerve pain [i have severe facial nerve pain and severe spinal nerve damage] and creates a feeling of calmness to an extent.
    sorry i have waffled on.
    i think your lad will be successful in his own way-whether thats college/uni or a volunteer job in the community,its finding your niche/focus thats the problem for us all i think.
  7. I think Childhood Disintegrative Disorder.